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Valentino's Organic Family Gardens & CSA

Our new gardens are located on the property of Ian Walker & family. Ian owns and operates Mariposa Farms near Plantagenet, Ontario--about 45 minutes east of Ottawa on Highway 17.

We will continue to grow sunflowers at our gardens in Cumberland. These will be sold as fresh cut flowers or as dried seed heads--used as natural bird feeders of roasted for healthful snacks for our customers.

Our main production will be at Mariposa Farms. This will allow us to expand our growing spaces and increase the varieties of crops grown for our CSA, farmer's market stand, and consumer-direct sales program.

One item of interest is our tomato project. We will be growing over 30 varieties of organic heirloom tomatoes--some quite unusual ones like stuffing tomatoes. They look similar to sweet bell peppers, but are 100% tomato...mmm.

In addition, the seeds from these open-pollinated organic heirloom tomatoes will be saved and shared with other Canadian tomato lovers. The seed exchange helps protect our heritage and food security.

With so many corporate seed companies taking control of our valuable seed resources, it is imperative that growers work diligently to maintain an independent network of seed culture. Our future depends on it.

Anyone interested in learning more can research the Seed Savers Exchange at Seeds of Diversity. This program is instrumental in maintaining plant species & diversity.

Happy growing to everyone.


Valentino's Family CSA