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Valentino's Organic Family Gardens & CSA


With over 40 kinds of vegetables & herbs and nearly 130 varieties, Valentino's has something for everyone. Some of our produce includes:

Beans   Bitter melon   Broccoli   Brussel sprouts   Cabbage   Cauliflower   Cucumber   Eggplant   Ground cherries Melons   Okra   Onions   Peas   Peppers   Potatoes   Pumpkins   Summer squash   Tomatoes  Winter squash   Greens (lettuces, Asian greens, arugula, spinach, chard, kale, mesclun mix, mustard greens) Beets   Carrots   Celery   Diakons   Leeks   Parsnips   Radish   Tomatillos Turnips   Sweet Corn

We grow 30 varieties of heirloom tomatoes--from decadent cherry tomatoes for sweet snacks to stuffing tomatoes--LARGE beefsteaks in red, pink, golden yellow, and our newest specialty, White Queen. Yes, a white tomato.

Our cauliflower comes in unusual colors too. Graffiti is purple and fantastic when lightly steamed and buttered, or as a highlight for fresh veggie trays with dips or sauces. Cheddar is an orange variety that contains 25 times the Vitamin A as standard white cauliflower. And then there is Romanesco--a lime green type that has spiral florettes and a sweet nutty flavor.

We are confident that you will enoy and appreciate our diverse selection of the finest fresh local organic produce available in the Ottawa area.

We also grow a variety of fresh herbs--including:
Basil (sweet, lemon, thai)
Summer savory
Thyme (lemon & English)

Some beautiful flowers from our gardens



Valentino's Family CSA